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Here are a few testimonials from our loyal customers about the effects of our artisanal Spirulina!

"I am a former basketball player, I practice weight training and cardio. As I am a sportsman and vegetarian, I need a diet rich in vegetable proteins. Spirulina is a very good source of protein. Their 100% natural product suits me perfectly and that I consume it very regularly."

Julien G. 31 years old, Nantes

"I do cures of one month. I drink it diluted in a glass of water at lunchtime. I prefer to consume it this way because spirulina has a little taste that you have to get used to. When I take it, I feel more dynamic. It gives me tone."

Michèle L. 74 years old, Nantes


"I do one month cures, I take a teaspoon in the morning with a fruit juice.  I quickly saw the effect. I have more stamina and perform better when I run. After the effort, I feel less pain and less soreness."

Fred M., 44, Machecoul


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