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The team
The team
Two men, united by a solid friendship and strong ecological values, made the choice of a professional reconversion. 
They have drawn from their long journeys, a desire to return to their roots with the idea of exploring a new adventure close to home, in a rural area but close to a metropolis. 
Richard Orain has already taken his first steps in agriculture. Single, 49 years old, with one child, he has held a vocational diploma (BPREA) in charge of agricultural operations since 2008.  The story does not say if the young sociology student was already dreaming of the white gold but he savored these years as a salt worker in Guérande, reproducing an ancestral know-how to harvest salt.
Thierry Rault surveyed the associative environment of long and wide. In couple, 50 years old, with two children, holder of a BEP of accountancy, and of a diploma of state relating to the functions of animation, he invested long years in the social and united economy before taking the direction of an association in Rezé.
They open together a new page...

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